Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maybe next time...

I finally have a new computer (the old one died), about 2 free hours (the children are sleeping), and about a million things to write about. BUT my camera is dead so I can't get the pictures that I need and the charger is in my room where one sleeping child is. Maybe next time...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My greatest joys

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They're coming. I promise!

OK, so I know I have a handful of people really anxious for some new posts. The thing is our computer had about a million viruses & I had to get it fixed. patient with me & I'll get them up as soon as possible. There is OH SO MUCH to blog about!!! This being on of them...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After almost a week of Bowen being in Florida, he is finally home. I missed him so much! I really do love that man! Mason missed his daddy as well. As some of you know quite well, that little monkey does NOT like to snuggle. Well, he wouldn't leave his daddys side this evening and when Bowen sat down on the couch, Mase was right there laying on him. Pretty sure Bowen loved every moment of it! BTW...I'm 35 weeks today. Five and counting...but I wouldn't complain if Kai decided to come in 3 weeks. That would be lovely!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mason's latelys...

First of all I'm sooooo excited that the sun has FINALLY decided to come out and play! Not that I've been wanting the heat, but it's definitely nice not to have the dreaded June Gloom hanging over our heads. I've been trying to remember all the new things that Mason has been doing or saying lately. It seems like as soon as he turned 2 he changed from my baby boy to my little boy. I can't believe how fast he's growing! Two years has completely flown by. *He can count to 11 pretty much by himself. Sometimes it goes 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11 & then we try it again together. *He looooves ketchup aka dippy, on most anything that is meat or potatoes *Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, and the Sing, Sing song from the primary book are his favorite songs. Although lately he's starting singing songs off the radio. Alejandro by Lady Ga Ga (Alejandro, Alejandro, AleAlejandro, AleAlejandro) and Airplanes by B.o.B feat Hayley Williams (wish right now, wish right now) are his two favorites. He'll usually sing them for you if you ask. *He's still obsessed with any sport that involves a ball. His absolute two favorites right now are: 1. Baseball. He has a mitt, ball, and bat that he has to take everywhere. 2. Golf. He started playing with Bowens golf clubs that were a bit too big for him so we bought him a little "Mason size" club. He loves it! *Since it's summertime now I've started buying Otter Pops. He calls them POPFICLES!!!They were a hit from day one! Both he and i usually enjoy 1 or 2...or 3 a day :) Recently I found 100% juice ones at Costco so I've been buying them. They're a lot bigger so I end up cutting them in half and it makes them the perfect size. *Me or Bowen ask him- "Guess what?" Mase- "what?" Me or Bowen- "I love you!" Mase- "I love you too" *He and Lady have a game where he chases her around the back yard with a wiffle bat. They both think it's the funnest game in the world. Don't worry, the bat is so light that he doesn't hurt her. *His collar bones are his most ticklish spot. Next are his hips, ribs, and ham bones (thighs). *Anytime we walk on grass he says, "ewwww poop!" I guess I've trained him well. *We make smoothies at least a couple times a week and he absolutely loves them! Little does he know that I hide spinach in them...Mwa ha ha ha! *This is his bedtime routine: -Bath -Brush teeth -Pick out 2 books. Bowen & I alternate our nights doing this reading. One time I told him he looks like a little stink bug when he's kneeling down for prayers. Now after we're done reading books he calls out "Stink Bug" and the other parent has to come in to say prayers so we're all together. He always blesses Sienna, Giselle, Jackie, and Kevin. Most of the time he blesses Heidi and Gordon too. When we tell him to bless baby Kai he says "Pop the Balloon" Here's the story behind that... I take Mason to most of my OB appointments. One time the Dr. showed him that you can blow up the latex gloves to make a funny balloon. Well, after one particular visit to the Dr. we were walking out of the office when I asked him to hold my hand in the parking lot. He wouldn't. I told him that if he didn't hold my hand that I would take his balloon away. He still didn't. So I took it away. This resulted in a HUGE meltdown & in the process the balloon popped. I guess he was traumatized from that incident because now instead of saying "bless baby Kai" he says, "Pop the Balloon" -He has to have his Choo Choo blanket, doggy, and a sippy cup of water to sleep. -Now he's in his Big Boy Bed!!! Yay! I don't know where our guests are going to sleep when the come out though. There's probably so much more that I can't remember right now. I'll list them when I do. I love my little boy so stinkin much it's crazy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

*4th of July weekend*

It seems like we celebrated this the 4th of July this whole 3 day weekend. Every day we had something going on. SATURDAY- We woke up bright and early to go to the Annual 7th ward pancake breakfast. There is always a great turn out of people and the food is always delicious! Since it's in the parking lot all of the boys bring their skateboards...and Dave & Kari Rich bring their Star Spangles Scooter. He was so nice to take the kids on a little ride around the parking lot. Mase had a blast! The plan was to head to the beach after but the darn clouds just wouldn't go away! So us girls and kids ended up going over to our friend, Chris & Stacy Circuits, house while the guys played a couple hours of softball. The kids all had fun playing, painting, digging in the sandbox, & wearing each other out. We had left our Lady Dog at home and she's such a whiner that we left the back door open so that she could come in the house and wouldn't bug our neighbors. Now, I am 100% against that because who know what critters or animals have ventured into our house. But, until we get a dog door, this is the best solution. So when we got home I walked into the bathroom and out of the corner of my eye I saw a little animal behind the soap on the sink. I called Mason and Bowen to come and look at our newest squatter. Turned out it was a baby bird and Mason thought it was the neatest thing...until I tried to pick it up. The little bird flew right up into Masons face and, scaring him to death! He was screaming and so was the bird. He ran out of the bathroom as fast as he could! -I'm such an evil mom, I was laughing the whole time- After i got the boy and bird under control, I took Mason in the back yard and let him pet the little sparrow. Everything was okay after that until Lady attempted to eat it. With it's life on the line the little bird flew away never to return. After all that excitement it was time for Masons nap! That evening we went to a Padres baseball game with our good friends the Galbasinis. Mason was so excited to go and of course he had to bring his baseball mitt and bat. We had great seats and even better company! Thanks guys for the tickets! SUNDAY- Happy Independence Day!!! I love the 4th of July! It's one of my favorite holidays. Of course we had church as usual...unusual testimonies...poor Utah/Arizona visitors probably think our ward is crazy. Oh well. That afternoon we had a new couple in our ward, Clayton & Kristin Austin, come over for a BBQ. With our bellys full and the evening setting in, we decided to head out to watch the fireworks. In the past we've gone up to Kate Sessions park to watch them. It was fun to see all the fireworks go up at the same time. But since the drinking crowd has shifted there from the beaches we opted out of it this year. Instead we met the Riches & Romneys at La Jolla Cove. I couldn't believe how many people there were! Wow! The fireworks were awesome! It seemed like we were right under them. Mason was a little scared at first and asked to go sit in the car. After a bit of convincing him the fireworks were "so pretty" he laid on the blanket with us. I taught him to "oooooh and ahhhhhh" at the them...which he did unless it was an especially loud one in which he said, "GEEEEEZE!!!" Waiting for the show to begin MONDAY- Bowen woke up bright and early to go surfing with all the guys. Mason and I slept in. Yesss! After breakfast was finished, the house clean, and Mase and I ready for the day, Bowen finally came home. I guess the surf was good!?! My only request for the day was to go to IKEA for some storage ideas. With Malachi on the way I've realized we need another dresser or storage...something...With not too much luck later we headed home. It was nice to get out of the house anyway. We picked up our new friends, the Austins, and headed over to Phil & Mindy Wings house for their annual 4th (but this year the 5th) BBQ/Pool Party. All the kids love going to their house because they have a slushy machine. Mason drank a whole cup and was literally rolling around on the grass from his sugar high. Of course no get-together could be complete without a few games of washers. In fact, there was a whole tournament set up. Mason noticed that all the kids were playing in the hot tub and he wanted to join them. So he ended the night with a good soak and another slushy. Like I said before, I love the 4th of July! I guess it's the spirit of everyone and their patriotism. God Bless America!

Our little helper

Mason loves to help out around the house. But his favorite person to help is Daddy. Aren't they the best lawn mowers ever?

Mason just waking up for the day